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Where Lawn Beauty Runs Deep

Our simple promise is that you will be satisfied with the results and service provided by The Turf Company.  If there is ever a problem, we will work with you until you are satisfied.

Tree & Shrub Service

At The Turf Company we believe healthy trees and shrubs and a vibrant, thriving lawn go hand in hand.  Together, they go a long way in enhancing a property’s curb appeal.


Deciduous and evergreen trees and shrubs need protection year-round against the unpredictable New England weather, invasive pests (such as insects, beetles, and winter moths), and fungus and disease.  The Turf Company’s Tree & Shrub Program is formulated specifically to provide the protection and nutrients that plantings require to remain healthy and strong under such conditions.


As with The Turf Company’s Lawn Care program, The Tree & Shrub program can be customized to fit any size landscape or budget.  A typical program is summarized below:


1.) In early spring, specific protection from seasonal insects, such as mites, winter moths and beetles, is provided.


2.) In early summer, a long-lasting professional fertilizer is applied to all landscape plants to stimulate growth for vibrant, healthy foliage, budding, flowering, and fruiting.


3.) In early fall, the landscape is more closely monitored, as this is the time when insect and disease problems often spread rapidly. Both insects and diseases are treated if necessary.


4.) In late fall, a horticultural oil treatment is applied as the plants are going dormant. This application takes care of hibernating pests specifically, winter moths and insects’ eggs on trees and shrubbery for the following spring.


For additional services or questions, please contact us.   

- Lawn Fertilizer (chemical free & pet friendly plans available)

- Insect Control  - Fungicides -  Core Aeration - Liquid Aeration

- Over Seeding - Tick Prevention - Tree & Shrub Care

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