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Where Lawn Beauty Runs Deep

Our simple promise is that you will be satisfied with the results and service provided by The Turf Company.  If there is ever a problem, we will work with you until you are satisfied.

Lawn Care

The Turf Company programs are second to none in providing our clients with customized care for their lawns.  Our programs are created using well-balanced fertilizers, combined with various combinations of pre-and-post emergent weed controls that can reduce and eliminate invasive pests.  100% of our services are delivered by a professionally-trained and licensed applicator 100% of the time.


Unlike some larger companies, The Turf Company does not employ a “one size fits all” philosophy; our programs are designed to meet the individual needs of each property.  Our multiple-step plans are customized to ensure that each lawn we service has everything it requires to sustain and maintain itself during both active growing, and dormant periods.


Whether a one-time lawn treatment or a season-long program is desired, The Turf Company has a solution for each situation.  In addition to our plans that include weed control, we are pleased to offer both organic, and chemical-free programs that are pet and child-friendly.  We are also able to provide tree and shrub fertilization, liquid and core aeration, tick and grub control, soil PH rectification and over seeding.


We offer a complimentary lawn assessment, and an estimate tailored for each property which will take into consideration grass type(s) and soil PH, location conditions, seasonal climate information, pest damage and other mitigating factors that might affect an optimal outcome for the lawn.  The Turf Company makes it easy for our clients to attain a beautiful landscape; the only thing they need to do is add water!


For additional services or questions, please contact us.

- Lawn Fertilizer (chemical free & pet friendly plans available)

- Insect Control  - Fungicides -  Core Aeration - Liquid Aeration

- Over Seeding - Tick Prevention - Tree & Shrub Care

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