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Where Lawn Beauty Runs Deep

Our simple promise is that you will be satisfied with the results and service provided by The Turf Company.  If there is ever a problem, we will work with you until you are satisfied.

Insect & Disease Control

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”. 


At the root of our company, we believe that preventing problems trumps fighting them, every time. 


In many cases, by the time an active grub infestation is diagnosed it is too late, and the damage has been done to a lawn.  Winter moths and other pests can wreak havoc on a landscape if not caught in time or treated in advance to stave off invasive damage.


Utilizing Integrated Pest Management practices (IPM), we approach pest and disease prevention by focusing on reducing or eliminating the root cause of the problem.  Our program could include a combination of dormant oil, systemic and contact insecticides and fungicide products and/or identification of poor environmental conditions with recommendations on how to rectify them.  IPM takes place throughout the growing season to reduce exposure of unwanted pests and disease, protect valuable ornamentals, shrubs, and trees and prevent potential costly replacements of landscape plantings.


Ask us about an IPM plan; programs can be customized to accommodate all landscapes and budgets.


For additional services or questions, please contact us.

- Lawn Fertilizer (chemical free & pet friendly plans available)

- Insect Control  - Fungicides -  Core Aeration - Liquid Aeration

- Over Seeding - Tick Prevention - Tree & Shrub Care

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